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Lunch SeRies

An opportunity to improve your leadership skills and the skills of the people you count on in your business?

We all have motivation buckets
but there is a PROBLEM:
Life has a way of poking holes in our bucket


Is it time to refill your bucket?

With over 20 years of experience in developing leaders, we know how to motivate and pull the best out of people

Here's How We Do It


Through our own unique leadership tournament, we help you define the most important traits you need personally to be an effective leader


We establish that leadership development is an ongoing process that comes down to 3 distinct questions


We give you a 4 week plan of action to implement what you have learned in the weeks that follow

The people you send to our Leadership Lunch will come back to you with a much clearer picture of the type of leader they want to be and how to connect with those that they lead.

What is the Cost?

$75 per person


  • Lunch (Including our cookies that aren't famous - but should be!)

  • Leadership Training with Clint Rutledge

  • Leadership Development Drill

           (Identify the Core Traits you need to be an Effective Leader)

  • Goal Setting Exercise

           (We will take time to identify your next big goal and establish a plan for getting there)

  • Personalized Leadership Development Plan

           (Establish a one month plan for becoming the leader you were meant to be)

  • Leave with with your own copy of our Leadership Planner

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Limited Spots Available