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About US

In the 1980's something magical started to happen at Judson High School in Converse Texas. State Championship Appearances became a regular occurrence for nearly two decades. Under Head Coach D.W. Rutledge,  the Rockets were in 7 State Championship Games and 3 Semi-Final Games over the course of 10 straight years. They won 4 of those State Championships. Coach Rutledge's son Clint was a quarterback on two of those teams.


As a result of their success, Coaches came from all over the nation to try and learn their Secret.


What the coaches discovered though, was not what they expected. The secret was not in what offense or defense the Rockets were running.  It was not in how they ran sprints or lifted weights. The secret existed in a room above the gym known as "The Classroom."  


It was in the classroom where Character lessons were taught, the importance of Attitude was emphasized, and Leaders were born!  Leadership became a way of life at Judson and the torch was passed year after year from one class to the next.  


The lives that were changed as a result of the program at Judson became living proof that life lessons can be found just about anywhere we look in society.  Those lessons are needed now more than ever.  In 2016, Clint Rutledge joined his Father D.W. Rutledge (the architect of the Judson Program) and they formed Rutledge Development.

Through speaking engagements, consulting services, and product development, Rutledge Development equips leaders from all walks of life to connect the dots between Success at Work, and Success in Life.


We invite you to come and see the secret for yourselves!  

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