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Books by Clint

Clint released his first book, "The Classroom" in 2016 and it quickly became an Amazon bestseller. Since that time he has released a children's book, a day planner, and a Coach's guide for addressing social issues with today's athletes. His next book, "Strong and Courageous" (a parable for teenagers on finding your purpose) will be coming out in 2022. 

The Classroom

Follow the journey of Mike Shelby as he hits rock bottom and then stumbles upon an old notebook from his past that holds a proven secret to success.

It's time to take control of your life and master the seven traits of a winner.

THe Classroom.jpg

Dare to be Different

Read along as one man sets out to find the greatest horse in all the land. In his search, he discovers that greatness is not defined by being tall or small, funny or fast. Instead, it is found when we have the courage and faithfulness to stand out from the crowd and answer the Master's call.

Dare To Be Different Cover.jpg

Coaching at
its Core

It has been said that a coach will impact more people in one year than most people will in a lifetime. We need coaches who are making a positive impact more today than ever before. With challenges like social media, teen suicide, dating violence, and fatherless homes, coaches are uniquely situated to change lives more than they have ever been. Coaching at its Core equips them to do just that....


One Day at a Time

A different kind of planner. Focus on one leadership trait at a time for 4 weeks while organizing your day in the morning and evaluating your productivity in the evening. 

Copy of A Day Planner for Leaders (1).png
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