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Five Fundamentals of Success

A Six Month Program to Discover the Process and Traits Necessary for the Success of Your Team

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Building a Great Team Can Be Difficult 

  • Everyone is looking out for themselves

  • Productivity is sluggish because people are moving in different directions

  • Getting "Buy In" is a Constant Challenge

  • Creating a great culture seems elusive

That leads to more time trying to correct habits and less time growing your business


Learn and Install the Five Fundamentals of Success

  1. Take Responsibility and Take Control

  2. Establish a Growth-Mindset

  3. Be Self-Disciplined

  4. Let Go of Guilt and Grudges

  5. Practice Persistence Daily

Our uniquely designed program includes six in person staff meetings and 30 days of motivation that change thought processes and behavior patterns.  Clint will walk your team through each of the traits and lead the discussion on how it applies to work and life. The introduction of each trait is followed by 30 days of short reminders and motivations. Through this process, you will see the habits, culture, and terminology of your team improve for the better.    

The Five Fundamentals of Success with Clint Rutledge has a made a huge difference with our leadership team. We are a stronger more productive team because of this program. Our staff meetings are better and so is the culture in our office. I highly recommend this program to anyone who is looking to improve their business!   - Stephen Brockman (G.V.E.C)

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